Hi! I am Marion, a freelance creative designer, visual artist and entrepreneur, currently based in Madrid, Spain.

I’m the founder of Sonriso Studio, a small risography printing studio and independent art press. I am the designer for premium spirits and beverage brands at Vantguard. And I’m also a member of Ruda Studio.

My body of work fuses mediums and disciplines from editorial design, illustration, branding, packaging, animation, printmaking and tends to irradiate energy, vividness and positivity. I embrace improvisation, surprises and imperfections as part of the creative process to express my very optimistic, somewhat naive views of the world.

Let’s chat :)
I love to meet new people and I get really enthusiastic about new projects and fun ideas, please feel free to drop me an email: marion.bretagne@live.fr

You can also find me on IG.

Clients and work experiences: 
Vantguard, Gin Mare, Tiny Atlas Quaterly, Ivorypress, Montebelo Studio, The Norman Foster Foundation, La Fervance, Retrovisor Studio.

You can also find more about my work experiences with my CV here